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When it comes to replacing your roof there are a few basic areas to focus on that will make a big difference in the final outcome.

Choosing the correct roofing material can change the look and the resale value of your house more than any other single item. Certain types of cedar materials can be used to highlight the rustic appeal of the country or the refined taste of Williamsburg. The wide range of style and color choices for asphalt shingles can be used to bring out brick patterns or be used to blend with natural landscaping around the house. Metal roofs offer and excellent way to cap off both the new contemporary styles or the classic historical look.

Our staff excels in helping you make the right choice, with questions like how long you plan to live in the house, what you feel about home maintenance, what fits the style of house design you have and what’s the neighborhood like. All of these factors can be easily answered by our initial inspection, follow up samples, references, other houses in your area to go look at and picture software which will put your house under different roof colors and textures. What we do is bring the answers to you so your selection process is smooth and easy.

Once the material is chosen, then the project is scheduled and you are kept up to date on material orders, weather factors and any details that pertain to your job. The actual replacement process is the point where your choices come to light and your new roof takes shape. From start to finish we will guide you in the process of getting your roof replaced and providing you with a product that will enhance your style of house.