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General FAQs

Every job that we do will generate certain questions and have aspects to it that make it special. We answer those questions up front and give you the information you need about how exactly your project is going to be handled. General information is provided below to help you in the selection process.

Do I need to be home for a roof inspection?

No, we can obtain all the necessary measurements and general information needed without going inside the house. We can then provide you with the pricing information by email, fax, or mail. After you receive this information, we can send you photos or revised options the same way. If you want we can also set up a personal meeting at your convenience. We can deliver your information any way that fits your lifestyle the best.

How do I tell what my roof needs, if anything?

Once a roof reaches the ten year mark, it is a good idea to have the roof inspected for any signs of aging every three years. A roof that has some routine maintenance in its second half of life will outperform those that are not maintained. In some cases, older roofs are just fine and it may not be worth spending repair money, rather, waiting a few years and and doing a full roof replacement.

How long does it take to replace a roof and what do I need to do?

The average roofing replacement in the Metro area is about 3-4 days, depending on size, roof pitch, and landscaping issues. We only need you to provide access to the driveway. We will set aside any decking or decorative items. In the inspection we will note any possible concerns and we will bring those to your attention beforehand so we can provide the best service possible.

If I have a question during the job who do I speak with?

On each project there are a number of contact points for you. There is the job site forman who is on site all the time. There is the job supervisor who is assigned your project and can answer any job related questions. You can always call the office seven days a week to have questions answered.

What contractor should I choose?

You should check for insurance coverage, workman’s compensation coverage and job references. When those requirements are met, your final decision should be based on proven quality performance that is consistent year after year. A quality contractor will not negotiate quality against price.

What about my landscaping?

Residential work requires steps to be taken beforehand to protect landscaping such as flowers, bushes, tress and walkways. We will take the steps needed to protect all of your outdoor landscaping. It becomes our responsibility before, during and after the job.

I am having a problem choosing the shingle color?

The final choice of color can sometimes be difficult. We can help this step by installing some actual sample shingles on your roof to look at in different light conditions during the day.

Can I upgrade certain options like skylights to my roof?

Yes, when a roof is being repaired or replaced it is a good time to consider upgrades like skylights or ventilation systems. There are different size skylights that can fit existing systems or we can install a new system and take care of all inside finish work.